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Parent Training in Pleasantville NY

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Classes for new parents in Pleasantville NY

Parent Training in Pleasantville NY
Parent Training in Pleasantville NY

There are few experiences in life that can bring about both exuberant joy and boundless fear at the same time the way that expecting the birth of a child does. This is particularly so when you know that you have certain challenges that lie ahead. Certainly, the knowledge that you are working with highly skilled and experienced professionals is reassuring. But being prepared can help you to feel more confident and save you valuable time and energy. Here at Westchester Pediatric Center for Therapy, we offer many valuable child-related services, which includes our parent training in Pleasantville NY. This is for both new parents and parents to be, and gives either or both parents as well as caregivers in various discipline a foundation for treatment and therapy possibilities.

The premise of our parent training in Pleasantville NY is that you are not alone in having to navigate what may seem like uncertain waters in addressing the needs of your child. Consider the services that we provide: physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and feeding therapy, among others. As with all things, there is a process that when followed will give you a more comfortable and smooth path with the odds for successful outcomes being much higher than they would otherwise be. With our parent training in Pleasantville NY, you will learn and become acquainted with the many ways we offer unparalleled help so that you, the parents, and your child will have a more healthy and fulfilling life.

So, how do you get started? All you have to do is reach out to us and contact our parent training in Pleasantville NY office. We will discuss scheduling and have you come in for our training at a time that is convenient. We understand how busy you are, particularly with a new child or one on the way.

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